We help you create, activate, and measure all your digital marketing needs. 

Promotions & Sweepstakes

Nothing gets us so excited as generating excitement with promotions and sweepstakes, whether they’re leveraged through social media, online, by email or in-store. We use our highly flexible TrackLab web application to track promotion activity, including entries, fulfillment and final results.

Want measurable results from your online sweepstakes and promotions? Contact us.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tricky and often misunderstood beast.

We’ve created and deployed thousands of HTML email campaigns using ROAR, our world-class campaign management platform. We know how to make email marketing beautiful and effective, while avoiding pitfalls. From one-off campaign designs to templated communications systems, Digital Lion can make email marketing work for you. Contact us.

Website Development

Your marketing partners need your brand’s digital assets; you need to be in control of who uses them, how and when. Your site also needs to be friendly and friction-free for both your users and site content managers.

Our extensive experience working with companies in complex marketing partnerships has us primed to problem-solve and maximize your ROI.

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Incentive Travel & Events

We understand how important it is to cultivate partner relationships and motivate sales teams. And what better way than to give them an experience they’ll never forget.

At Digital Lion, we concept and fulfill unique and meaningful experiences —handling everything from the big stuff (air, hotel, ground transportation) to the fun stuff (activities, reservations, premiums). Whether it’s an individual trip, a group outing, or a special event, we can tailor to suit any budget. And it's all tracked in TrackLab, so you’ll always know the who, what, when and where. What more could you ask for? Contact Us.

Custom Incentive Programs

Incentive programs are the superglue of consumer relationships, and that also applies in B2B marketing.

We’ve built some pretty interesting custom incentive programs, and they're now paying off big for our clients. Each program has unique features designed to engage and nurture members in different ways, but all of our programs are very effective in achieving their goals.

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Marketing Measurement with TrackLab

At Digital Lion, we believe that marketing must be measurable, and we can help you measure it all with our fully customizable web application, TrackLab.

TrackLab allows you to organize, track and visualize data across the entire spectrum of your marketing tactics: advertising, social media, promotions, events, incentive programs, and more.